Diablo 3 Announced Eleven Years After Diablo 2 Was Released.

Almost 11 Years after Diablo 2 was release blizzard announced the development of the sequel Diablo 3.
Diablo 2 is an RPG game where you play as 1 of 5 character, barbarian,amazon,wizard,paladin or assassin.
the game involves killing of monsters and bosses while enjoying a very rich and interesting story line.
completing quests and mission, in order to progress in the story line.
the main features of the game was its very strong single player and online playing while you could play by your self or with several other player.
to complete the above mentioned goals. as you progress through Diablo 2 , you discover the ability to gain new Items that will improve your character
making it strong in the fields you choose. Diablo 2 won many public rewards also won the best RPG for its time amongst other amazing rewords.
the game is still been played by lots of players around the word.

Diablo 3

10 Years later Blizzard entertainment announce they have decided to develop the next series of the game diablo 3.
By the way it looks the game going to be about the same game but with other amazing features.
Improved graphics way better graphic engines. much longer story line and new amazing quests. while multiplayer is still very big part of the game.
The game going to offer at least at luanch time 5 different character just like diablo 2, but there abilities looks and game play will be different.
players around the world will play the game solo or multiplayer. with several of there friends. while playing diablo 3 power leveling there characters with many friends and completing the given mission much faster and easier, we can only assume that diablo 3 items will be as good as diablo 2 and hope that the value of Diablo 3 gold will be higher then it was in diablo 2. because the Diablo 2 gold wasn't of any worth.
as it looks now the game will be release either in the summer or the next Christmas.
blizzard are known for there good game and the time they take to keep their games attractive and their good names.
while other companies goes for quantity blizzard choose to go for quality and there release dates are usually 2-4 years after there announced dates.